December 22, 2018

Nick Mullens received a phone call from Brett Favre. He got hundreds of text messages. Everyone regarded him congratulations. The most productive game is delivered by a quarterback in Mullen’s NFL debut since the merger leads to many accolades. He shows historic numbers in his first NFL start.

Nick Mullens said that he got himself a good night of rest in the hours before making his NFL debut on Thursday. “I slept good except I woke up about every hour,” Mullens said, laughing. “But those hours were great. I slept pretty good.”  Not only did the 49ers’ third-string quarterback get his first career NFL start and torch the Oakland Raiders, but he also got verified on Twitter.

Mullens was a 2017 undrafted free agent out of Southern Miss. He was received a good luck text when he started the day by fellow Golden Eagle Brett Favre. He received a congratulatory call from Favre at the end. He also got hundreds of congratulatory texts messages that were approximately 600, from other friends and family.

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Oakland Raiders by 34-3 on Thursday night. The Battle of the Bay was dominated thoroughly by them. The former undrafted free agent out of Favre’s alma mater Southern Mississippi finished 16 for 22 in place of the injured C.J. Beat hard and had a 151.9 passer rating, the highest for a quarterback with at least 15 attempts in an NFL debut since the 1970 merger.

The 49ers have picked up this 23 year old quarterback as an undrafted free agent out of Southern Mississippi. He is currently in his second NFL season. Before getting bumped up to the active roster following Jimmy Garoppolo’s season ending knee injury earlier this year, he was on San Francisco’s practice squad.

“You never know until you see someone,” Coach Kyle Shanahan said. “He didn’t surprise us in terms of; the game is not too big for Nick. He’s very poised. He is always locked in. The guys respect him. He earned a lot of respect in the pre-season. They watched his play both years, last year and this year. The way he handles himself in practice each week. He didn’t really know for sure whether he was going to start today, until today, and just the way he handled the two days of long walkthroughs and stuff. He’s a machine in there and I was happy for him.”

“I think that I’m here for a reason. This is my opportunity to proof that I can play,” Mullens said. “Today’s thing was just attack your job and worry about what matters. What mattered most tonight was the team and how we played.”

“We’ll definitely consider it,” Coach Kyle Shanahan said. “I’m definitely not thinking about it right now. Our whole team played very well. They definitely did.”

“It was cool that he didn’t change under the big lights and these circumstances,” cornerback Richard Sherman said. “We’re not really surprised. We’ve seen him to do it in practice. He plays with a lot of confidence.”

With Garoppolo out for the season and Beat hard having lost nine of 10 career starts, the inevitable question will be whether Mullens will take over as starter for the next game in November 12 against the New York Giants.

“I know that it’s not looking pretty right now,” Coach Jon Gruden said. “I’ve heard a lot of negativity over the last six to seven months and rightfully so. But we’re going to build a championship football team here.”

“This is awesome,” Owens said before the game. “This is an opportunity to give something to the fans. Ever since I left in 2003 and went on and did some great things, but this is where it started my first eight years of my career.”

“He did phenomenal,” Sherman said. “That’s what the team needed. In a situation like this, primetime, Thursday night, this guy’s first start, the team needs to hear from him. He’s going to lead us out there today. He’s going to be the guy who gets us this win and he did everything right today. This is Nick Mullens’ day today.”

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