December 22, 2018

Netflix’s new post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box is set in a world where one can get killed by just looking out of the window. In this exciting thriller, Sandra Bullock stars as Malorie , who is on a quest to keep her 2 children- one boy (Julian Edwards) and one girl (Vivien Lyra Blair) safe and alive,5 years after almost everyone on Earth was killed by the arrival of entities that drive anyone who sees them to commit suicide.

The thriller is directed by Susanne Bier and is based on the novel by Josh Malerman, Bird Box switches between two time periods- one after the immediate outbreak and Malorie’s fight for survival and the other one five years later to secure her kids.

In the beginning, she finds herself in a safe house with a huge supply of foods, which does not last long enough. Malorie receives a call from someone that if she can make it to the other side of the river then it will be safer for them, Malorie decides to take that risk for the safety of her children.

So everyone in the Journey goes blind-folded so that no one notices or sees the entities. But at a certain point of the Journey, Malonie encourages her children to open the blindfold. After much struggle, Malorie finally makes through the dangerous journey and she is successful in reaching the safe Zone.

The whole plot is extremely well built, where one event leads to the other. All the characters in the movie especially Sandra Bullock was extremely impressive. Some critics are of the opinion that the movie is a mixed bag. Some scenes are extremely captivating while the other ones are not so impressive.

All in all, it would be a recommendation to watch the film as the acting was really good. The Secondary characters provided a sense of humour to the movie.

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