December 29, 2018

With the advancement and development of technology,  the major focus of the people has shifted towards it.  A  couple of years ago,  a major percentage of people stopped reading books and preferred E-  Texts instead.  This certainly did affect the reading habit of the Western World,  though majority of the population of The Eastern world still reads the “Conventional Book” instead of reading it on the digital platforms. 

People were quite amused by the development of technology to a new height.  The thought of reading a book immediately which they love,  was certainly fascinating and this advantage drew a number of users to the Digital Platform.  The advantage was certainly immense,  as one did not have to wait for the book that they wanted to read.  This year saw a dip in the number of E-Books users and there are certain reasons for the same.  Firstly,  one has to pay a certain amount to get access to the books,  but if a person wants to read  a single book then also he needs to pay the same amount.  The most important reason why we saw a dip in the number of E- Book users is that it doesn’t give the feel of reading a book.  For a book lover,  nothing is better than the feeling of reading a book,  which is actually impossible in the case of an E- Book. It is fairly difficult to actually conclude whether books will come back to trend or not but we certainly hope that people starts reading books as there is nothing better than a book lover to read a book rather than just reading the book in the digital platform.  This will actually depend on the reader but I certainly feel that E- books will still dominate the next year. 

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