December 24, 2018

Jermell De’ Avante Charlo, popularly know as Jermell Charlo is a professional American boxer. He held the WBC light middleweight championship title from 2016 to 2018 and managed to win all the matches he was a part of.(31 wins out of 31 matches). Those wins helped him manage to secure the championship title in the middleweight category.

As all streaks are meant to be broken, so did Jermell’s winning streak of 31 matches was broken yesterday by fellow American boxer, Tony Harrison. Charlo did not only lose the match but also his championship title to Tony Harrison. The loss of Jermell was not only came as a shock to him but also the entire wrestling universe, following a really controversial and unanimous decision, which favoured Tony Harrison. The result of the match left the crowd fuming, as they expected to see the champ pulling off yet another victory.

The decision came as a shock to Charlo as the result made by the judges was not convincing enough. Owing to this situation, the former champion has asked for a re-match against Tony Harrison for the championship in a span of four months. Now Charlo will have another opportunity to get his title back and redeem himself from Harrison in the next match. Hopefully the result comes up in a non- controversial manner, which will be advantageous not only for both the wrestlers but also the wrestling universe.

The true character of a champion is revealed by how he bounces back when he is down. Charlo is somewhat in this situation, his character will be revealed by the way he comes back. He is expected to make a strong comeback, considering his winning ratio. Overall it is going to be a really exciting match between the champ and the former champ.  

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