January 22, 2019

The announcement was bathed in symbolism: Harris selected to enter the race on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, a barefaced nod to the historic nature of her candidacy, and her temporal order was conjointly meant to evoke Shirley Chisholm, the big apple congressman United Nations agency became the primary girl to hunt the Democratic Party’s nomination for president forty seven years ago in the week.

In addition, Harris can hold her 1st campaign event Friday in South Carolina, wherever black voters are the dominant force within the Democratic primary, instead of commencing by visiting Iowa and New Hampshire, the 2 preponderantly white states that hold their nomination contests 1st.

Harris isn’t nonetheless acknowledging to voters, however, there’s deep curiosity concerning her among the party rank-and-file as they face a Democratic nomination contest that’s outlined primarily by its uncertainty.

With Trump thrusting problems with race and identity to the forefront of the national discussion, and therefore the Democratic coalition growing even a lot of obsessed on racial minorities, Harris — the daughter of a Jamaican father and Indian mother — would represent a history-making distinction in an exceeding election against the president.

As the 1st black woman within the Senate in over a decade, she garnered attention from her perch on key committees for her interrogations of Trump administration officers and nominees, most splendidly throughout a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with former professional General Jeff Sessions.

Harris focused her initial campaign themes on broad themes of unity and revitalization, that emphasize her distinctive standing joined of — if not the — most viable black women to ever endure the president

Democrats flocked to check her at one or two of public events tied to the book and lots of were addicted to her potential.

However, even before she formally entered the race, Harris was criticized by her own party.

One of Harris’ high aides, Larry Wallace, resigned in Dec once revelations that he was concerned in an exceeding harassment case and a $400,000 settlement whereas operating for California. Department of Justice. Harris has same she didn’t know about the settlement, however, apologized and took “full responsibility” for hiring Wallace.

Supporters characterized her prosecutorial career, that began once she joined the Alameda County district attorney’s workplace at twenty-six, as pioneering within the trendy criminal justice front. however, critics on Harris’ left have referred to as her record into question, inform to a dramatic increase within the state’s jail population throughout her years publically workplace.

It remains to be seen what proportion Democratic primary voters can assess her supported her tenure in California.

Harris, the primary major candidate for president from California in over a time period, might conjointly have the benefit of changes to the 2020 nominating calendar. Her native state has affected up its primary to early March, straightaway once the first four early-nominating states, presenting the likelihood that she might capture a large treasure trove of delegates even as the competition gets underway.

Republicans were fast to denigrate her candidacy Monday.

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