January 7, 2019

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages which is consumed throughout the world and several studies prove that it is actually good for your health. So let us have a look at the positive effects of having coffee.

The reasons why coffee is good for you are as follows-

  • Coffee can improve your level of intelligence- Caffeine works by blocking the brain of several neurotransmitter and helps in  focusing the attention to a single thought, which helps a person to focus.
  • Coffee helps you burn calories and improve physical activity- It has been proved by several studies that having coffee can actually burn calories and gives a desire to workout. Coffee is proven to give high level of metabolism which helps to digest foods properly and thus health is kept under a check.
  • Coffee is good for your liver- The liver carries out several functions in our body. Negative habits such as alcoholism can damage the liver (Cirrhosis). Cirrhosis is the disease caused by alcoholism which can be prevented up to 80% by drinking coffee. Coffee also reduces the risk of liver cancer by as much as 40%.
  • Coffee reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease- After a person has reached a certain age, he starts to forget things. This can actually be prevented by drinking coffee. It helps to increase memory so it is of good use.
  • As coffee contains several nutrients and anti- oxidants, it improves the health of a person. In fact coffee contains more anti- oxidants than many fruits and vegetables.

                 There will be lots of debates about the pros and cons of coffee and whether it is really good for health or not, but from the above mentioned advantages we can safely conclude that the advantages of drinking coffee are many.

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