January 7, 2019

Popular Comedian, Actor and Producer Kevin Hart was in the news as he had turned down the opportunity to host The Oscars. He recently featured on the popular show- The Ellen Show where he further spoke about the controversial statement that he gave around 10 years ago. He explained that he was sorry for the homophobic comments as the part of his stand up gig. He revealed that he had no idea that events from 10 years back would come and haunt him. He was pondering on the fact that he previously had apologized for his actions and there after he did not repeat such a mistake. When he was selected for hosting The Oscars, he was once again asked to apologize in public about his controversial jokes. The comedian added that he certainly was not satisfied with the decision as he had previously apologized for the same thing multiple number of times.

We do not know whether he is actually apologetic for his actions or not but it certainly touched Ellen DeGeneres. She felt that Hart should be forgiven for his controversial statements which he had made years ago and she felt that he should be hosting The Oscars as well because it will be difficult to find someone of Hart’s calibre to host the mega event. Ellen went a step forward in support of Hart as she tweeted that he should be forgiven as he has now evolved as a better and more mature person than he was 10 years back.

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