December 24, 2018

2018 has almost come to an end. Hardly a week is left for 2019 to arrive. This year might have been good for some and it might not have gone well for some but whenever a year passes, we gain something new and that change is sometimes gone unnoticed. With every passing year, there is a ray of optimism which we at times do not realize. There are small things that we should be thankful for before moving on to the next year.

  1. Be thankful to our family and friends (who were with us during the time we needed them)- It seems to be a small thing but it actually matters to have the support of our near and dear ones. It encourages us to be positive even when we are going through a time time.
  • Be thankful for a Home- Unlike many other people, we are blessed with a home and we should appreciate the fact that we have a place where we can stay or live.
  • Be thankful for having a job- Having a job which helps us to meet our needs is nothing short of a blessing. Considering the shortage of jobs nowadays, one is indeed lucky to have found his or her ideal job.
  • Be thankful for your Mistakes- This is perhaps the most important thing to thank about. Humans make errors but we should learn from it and try not to repeat the same mistake again in the future which is easier said than done. But we should try and learn from our mistakes.We should all remember the lessons that 2018 taught us and move forward with it.
  • Be thankful that you survived this year as well- This year might have been a tough one for you but be happy that this is going to pass and be proud that you have made it through this year as well and hope that the next year is going to favour you.

There will always be a reason to be upset for but we should try and find happiness in the smallest of things. This is perhaps the key to a happy life.

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