December 31, 2018

The legendary comic writer Stan Lee was posthumously honored on what would have been his 96th birthday by the entire Marvel team. Stan Lee was the mastermind behind all the extremely popular superhero characters, namely Spider-Man, Iron- Man, Thor, Black Panther, The Avengers and many more. His contribution to the comics in unparalleled and he rightfully deserved all the respect that was dedicated to the late comic writer on the occasion of his 96th Birthday.

It has hardly been a month that the immensely talented comic writer passed away at the age of 95, leaving all his fans and well- wishers sad. However, Marvel did not make his fans upset as the team put up a sketch of his portrait with a thank you message to the legend. Paul Ruffalo, who plays the role of Hulk in The Avengers also expressed his respect towards the deceased comic writer through his Twitter handle. The gesture by the Marvel of putting up the sketch of Stan Lee won the hearts of all his fans and followers. The tribute to the late comic writer was a moving gesture by the entire Marvel team, to the man who was the architect behind the building of so many popular superhero characters.

The man who has given us so much to remember. To any Marvel fan, the contribution of Lee is immense and what stood out even more was his surprise cameos. He was known for his cameos in many of the movies. His works left us all in awe and his contribution can never be forgotten though he passed away a month back. He may be gone, but the magic of his works will live on through his comics and films. A man who has contributed so much to the development of the comics certainly deserved the respect that he received from his fans and Marvel’s sweet gesture certainly won the hearts of all Stan Lee fans. All we can say is LEGENDS NEVER DIE. His works will always make us remember the great man and his contribution to comics.

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