January 2, 2019

Former Boxing star Floyd Mayweather and 20 year old kick boxer Tenshin Nasukawa were involved in a serious fight in Japan. The 20 year old kick boxer performed much better than every one expected from him. Even Floyd Mayweather did not expect such a gritty performance from the 20 year old kick boxer. When Nasukawa was interviewed by the media, he revealed that he wanted to be the man to change history by defeating the legend but of course he failed to do so.

Mayweather on the other hand revealed that he was not coming out of retirement, he will only be a part of exhibition matches and he will only entertain his fans through his performance. He further added that he was given an amount of 9 million US dollars to headline the last boxing event of the year. The young Japanese wrestler Tenshin Nasukawa was undefeated till last night but Mayweather made sure that his undefeated streak is broken. Despite giving it his all, Nasukawa failed to win against the retired super star and thus his streak was finally broken, as all streaks are meant to be.

We all know the calibre of Mayweather and his records speaks for himself. Battling it out against an young 20 year old boxer was certainly expected to be an one sided competition but then we saw that it was a fairly even match though Mayweather managed to defeat Nasukawa. As fans, all we want is to Mayweather come out of retirement and dominate the boxing arena as he used to do previously. It certainly was a big event for each and every boxing lover to end the year by having a great match up between the all time great Mayweather and the undefeated Nasukawa. The performance that Nasukawa put up not only impressed the spectators but also impressed his opponent. Mayweather was heaping praise on the young boxer and further said that Nasukawa has a brilliant future ahead of him. We certainly do wait for events like these and hopefully many more events are going to come our way in 2019.

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