January 12, 2019

National football league is professional American football tournament. A total of 32 teams take part in this league. These teams are equally divided between National Football Conference the NFC and American Football Conference the AFC. NFL was earlier known as the American Professional Football Association. It was renamed as NFL in the 1922 sessions. Green Bay Packers is the team that has own the greatest number of NFLs. From 1960 NFL was legalized and was conducted in the needful way and is one of the most sensational tournaments in the world. NFL playoff schedule have been the trending search in google trends in 2019. It’s the beginning of the year and NFL has a grossing search of 500k in google.

After a wild opening of the season the NFL playoffs are into the divisional round. It is Rams first appearance in divisional round of NFL since 2004. The 4 survivors of divisional round will be playing the AFC and NFC championship game which is scheduled on January 20. The matches have started from January 5. The schedule is given below.

January 5: AFC Wild Card Round

Indianapolis Colts 21 VS Houston Texans 7

NFC Wild-Card Round
Dallas Cowboys 24, Seattle Seahawks 22

January 6: AFC Wild-Card Round
Los Angeles Chargers 23, Baltimore Ravens 17

NFC Wild-Card Round
Philadelphia Eagles 16, Chicago Bears 15

January 12: AFC Divisional Round
Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs

NFC Divisional Round
Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams

January 13: AFC Divisional Round
Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots

NFC Divisional Round
Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints

January 20: NFC Championship Game

AFC Championship Game

February 3: Super Bowl LIII
AFC Champ vs. NFC Champ

The above schedule is the much awaited 2019 NFL playoffs schedule. New Hampshire is the place that has recorded the greatest number of searches about NFL and NFL schedule. Patriots are one of the favorites of NFL they are playing in the divisional round for 9th time consecutively. New England is the team that is appearing for the first time in divisional round. Kans city looking forward to ern its first ever divisional playoffs. Mitchell has declared his NFL draft which is look upon by his fans. NFL this season has also launched Inspire Change, the platform provided by NFL to solve social problems and to attain social justice. Wilds win is a celebrated incident by the fans and this season of NFL is witnessing the victory and rise of new teams and the underdogs are thriving towards success. NFL is one of the highest viewed and celebrated sports globally. This article gives a rough idea about NFL and its competing teams and rules, but the main attraction the article speaks to you is about the highest trending search in google in the beginning of 2019 is the NFL Schedule. The NFL schedule is given above, hope the information was useful to you. 

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