December 31, 2018

The much awaited Rohit Shetty opener was released worldwide on 28th of December, 2018. The much awaited movie did pretty well in India but what was more astounding was the opening box office collection in Australia. Simmba broke all the previous box office records in Australia and collected more than 180,253 Australian Dollars( which is roughly 89 lakh Rupees in the Indian Currency).

The movie stars the very popular actor Ranbir Singh and alongside making her debut in the movie is Sara Ali Khan. The crime- action film has smashed all the previous box- office records and reached new heights in the very opening day. Simmba has broken the box office records of more popular Rohit Shetty films like- Dilwale, Golmaal Again, Chennai Express, etc. Simmba did well on the domestic level, collecting around 22 crores in the very opening day. Though there were mixed reactions on the movie from the film critics all across the globe, the box office collections certainly did the talking for the movie. There was a lot of hype created on the topic of the release of the movie and the box office collections shows that it has lived up to the expectations. In the movie, Ranbir Singh plays the role of a cop, who at first believes that the life of a cop is best when he takes bribe from everyone, and he is successful in becoming one of those cops. But like most of Shetty’s movies there is a twist which brings about a transformation in the character of the cop. When he finds that his loved ones are abused and facing difficulties, the nature expected of a stern cop emerges out of Simmba. All in all, it was really a good opening day for Simmba globally especially its record breaking collections in Australia.

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