January 16, 2019

A Tennis tournament conducted over at last fortnight of January, at Melbourne is known as the Australian Open. It is one of the oldest glam slam tennis tournaments and is always held at beginning of the year. The tournament is conducted in different stages under several categories such as, men’s and women’s single, doubles, junior championships, legends as well as wheel chair exhibition.

This tournament is conducted since 1905, it is known as the largest sporting event held every year. It is the only grand slam that held indoor games during adverse weather conditions. The tournament records huge viewer as well as audience both on television and live ground. Keep reading the article to know about latest news and incidents of Australian open 2019.

  1. Andy Murray was defeated by his opponent in the first match itself. The 31-year-old Murray could not perform up to the mark. For Bautista it is a great comeback this session in comparison to last year performances of his.
  2. Roger Federer steal the game with agility and great performance his win has taken him to the next round of the 2019 session. He has recorded 14 consecutive Australian open to his name. People and tennis lovers are expecting his to make it 15 straight win this session.
  3. Andy Murray injured his hip in the first round which has made him leave the tournament in the beginning itself. Murray hopes to comeback, the 31-year-old said that he wished if the match in which he is injured would have been his last match. He strained his surgically repaired hip with utter pain. According to his opponent Murray is still a tough player and one of the best.
  4. Caroline Wozniacki was pre-dominant in her match a won a straight win in the women’s single. The other players who advanced in the women’s arena are Petra Kvitova and Ashleigh Barty.
  5. Maria Sharapova recorded her first ever double bagel win this session. The five-time grand slam winner crushed her opponent to record her clean and straight victory to advance in the 2019 Australian Open. She achieved this feat in just 63 minutes.
  6. Hewitt is creating a lot of issues with other players and most of the players are rejecting to play with him.
  7. Reilly Opelka has recorded her first ever victory in the Australian Open this season by defeating Isner in four straight tie-breakers.  

The latest events and incidents occurring in the Australian Open 2019 has made it one of the most trending topics of search in google. The playoffs are starting for 22 January and the tournament is going to come to a glorifying end by 27 January. Don’t wait anymore watch the recaps if you have missed few legendary matches and try to catch up with latest matches. Hope this article helped you to know about Australian Open matches and few interesting instances of the tournament.

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