December 29, 2018

With just 6 seconds left in the game,  the Warriors might have thought that they have certainly won the game but Damian Lillard of Blazers certainly had some other ideas in his mind.  While the score favoured the Warriors with 109-107,  certainly everyone was sure about the result of the match,  Damian Lillard was certainly not thinking the same.  His 3 pointer turned the match in the favour of the Blazers and it not only shocked the Warriors but each and every one present in the game.  In such a high voltage game,  keeping his nerves intact,  Lillard had his nerves in control and won the game for his side,  which left everyone astounding of the last second Victory.

We certainly have witnessed a number of high voltage games in this season but very games were as good as this one. With just 6 seconds to go,  the score read 109-107 favouring the Warriors.  As usual the super star of the Blazers,  Damian Lillard was at his absolute best and scored the winning basket for his team.  He has certainly been unstoppable this season and was way too good for the Warriors in this close encounter.  He scored 21 points in this close match and made sure that the result was in favour of their team.

The entire team ( Blazers)  were extremely pleased with the last moment stunner from their super star Lillard as this was a very crucial game for them.  Having played a couple of games back to back,  winning such a close encounter surely have motivated the entire team. The super star  ( Lillard) was certainly elated with his powerful and brilliant performance and stated that the best performance is yet to come but it will take a lot of time for him to get the emotions to sink in. Looking forward for more such powerful performances from the Blazers’ star Lillard,  but the Warriors will certainly blame their hard luck,  they came so close but failed to get the results on their side.

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