December 22, 2018

Regardless the much hype created prior to the release of the Shah Rukh Khan film, Zero, it has not managed to totally own the box office considering it is the Vacation time. Shah RukhKhan’s Zero is the lowest Christmas opener in the last 3 years, lagging far behind Aamir Khan’s Dangal and Salman Khan’s Tiger ZindaHai.The movie starring Shah Rukh Khan as the male lead and AnushkaSharma , Katrina Kaif as the female leads witnessed a “not so good “ start at the box office as the movie managed to collect only Rupees 20 crores , much lower than it was expected.

   The movie starts promisingly enough, with Shah Rukh playing the role of Bauua Singh, an arrogant and coarse character. Bauua Singh sees himself as a larger than life character, trapped in a rather small body but he won’t allow his disability to stop himself and goes ahead to marry the biggest actress of the nation – BabitaKumari( KatrinaKaif). The remainder of the movie is just how Bauua would do anything to make his way into the hearts of the two women.

The movie sounds way too ambitious to be true and the script could have been far better. Though it is enjoyable in the first half, the movie becomes illogical to say the least in the second half. As far as most of the critics are concerned it is a baseless movie and not even worth 3 stars but only the super stardom of Shah Rukh Khan is attracting the common public to watch he movie. Had it been done by any other minor Star, it would not be even running in most of the cinema halls. Overall , while the movie opens with quite an interesting and intriguing plot, it fails to do so throughout the movie.

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